Whenever I run across a great link to share I’ll be sure to add it to this page.

Research & Evaluation 101 

Better Evaluation – a fantastic resources for all stages of an evaluation
Evaluation Essentials for Non-profits – slides from Innovation Network
A huge list of resources from Betty C. Jung
Developing an evaluation plan – a guide from the Community Toolbox
Overview of impact evaluation (PDF) – from Patricia Rogers
Why Evaluate? – slides from Eric Graig
What is program evaluation? (PDF) – A beginner’s guide
A comprehensive list of free resources for evaluators
Program evaluation resources from the Innovation Network
Building your Measurement Framework – a four pillar approach from NPC

Data Visualization & Presentations

A great list of visualization tools from Visualizing Information for Advocacy
HelpMeViz – get help with a visualization you are working on
Tips on what colors to use from Chris Metzner
Colorbrewer – a site that tells you if your selected colors are color-blind friendly and will print okay in black and white
Piktochart – a site to help you make infographics
A fantastic list of resources for specific chart types from Ann Emery
Thumbs Up Viz – for data visualization inspiration
The Data Viz Catalogue – you can search for a visualization type based on what story you are trying to tell with your data

Evaluation Methodology
Developing a survey when budgets are low and time is running out
A guide to developing a good survey from LimeSurvey
Interview guide from Community Toolbox
Focus group guide from Community Toolbox
Focus group guide from Duke University




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